A Glimpse into Content Marketing

A typical marketing strategy includes 4 different practices — Attract → Convert →Close → Delight. Content Marketing is equally important when it comes to driving profitable customer action and the ultimate goal here is to implement rock-solid strategies and share ideas with the audience to build trust and create value.

What is Content Marketing?

A strategic marketing or business process to create helpful and engaging content that your prospects and customers can learn and enjoy from, retaining a clearly defined audience. It’s all about standing out and not blending in.

The role of storytelling in content marketing is one of the key things that cannot be ignored. Good storytelling can help you to empathize and resonate with your audience.

So, what do you need to tell a good story?

The Golden Circle. Yes, according to the British — American author, it’s important to understand 3 things before dealing with human behaviour. The Why, How and What. Why are you doing what you’re doing? How will that help your audience? What are you offering. Once you understand this golden circle, the other essential elements that shouldn’t be missed out while storytelling is your characters, how your characters transform through the challenges and how they fulfil the purpose behind the story. Keeping the story clear and concise can often strike an emotional chord and that’s how your content gets noticed.

Building a content creation framework is one of the other inevitable things that we need to trigger the audience to notice your content. It’s a framework that creates a perfect balance between creativity and content sustainability. A framework gives your content a structure and eases the process. The 5 major steps in creating a content creation framework are:

  1. Create appropriate content ideas
  2. Plan a timeline
  3. Create a plan of who does what
  4. Review and edit the content
  5. Assure that you organize and store the content

When you have your framework in place, it’s also important to have a long-term vision for the content you put out there. Planning the right strategy would help you to plan your long — term content strategy. Each piece of content should be tied to a goal that is also directly related to the goals of the organization, creating purpose and focus. There are mainly 3 things to focus on while creating a long-term strategy and they are:

  1. Set marketing goals
  2. Assess your organization’s initiatives and assets
  3. Identify the buyer’s journey for your buyer personas

What are the 5 different methods to market your content?

1.Create quality blog content your audience loves to read and share.

  • Have a structure for the blog
  • Choose topics based on the FAQ’s you hear. Understand what your prospects and customers need help with.
  • Do your keyword research
  • Create a title and make a list of topic
  • Research on what industry bloggers, social media, and even your competitor’s are talking about.
  • Build relevance

2. Extend the value of your content (blogs and websites) through Content Republishing and Repurposing

  • Repost the content by giving proper credit to the original author
  • Reach new audiences
  • Have consistency for the message you share

3. Create Topic clusters and Pillar Pages

  • Topic clusters are important for ROI. An effective topic cluster can be created when you narrow down specific topics and sub-topics from a broad topic that you wanna be known for.
  • Pillar Page is a website page that covers a topic in-depth and is linked to a cluster of related content. Pillar pages should always be under construction.

4. Create a successful video marketing strategy with good content.

  • Create an engaging stage with testimonials and personalized videos.
  • Avoid talking more and more about the product alone
  • Build goals for your video

5. Build a Guest Blogging strategy

  • Writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website expands your audience and increases referral traffic to the website.
  • Create an inbound link where a link from other website directs to yours.
  • Increase the credibility of your content by writing for relevant websites.

Apart from the 5 major methods mentioned above, there are also different organic methods to enhance your content marketing game. Let’s not discuss organic methods as of now. Lastly, content marketing is a number’s game. Measuring and analyzing your content is one of the most essential factors to improve your next strategy. As we say, any sort of marketing is not just one fell swoop. It’s all about continuous experimentation keeping your SMART goals alive which is being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

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