Conversion and Channel-Specific Growth in Growth Marketing

  1. Be specific
  2. Offer service
  3. Tell the full story to be reasonable
  4. Be a salesperson for your own product

Email Marketing

  • Check the deliverability of the email
  • Get permissions for specific countries.
  • No harvesting emails from websites
  • Follow the law to not to be tagged as a spammer
  • Have a plan and set goals and metrics
  • Have a testing plan to test and track. Watch for negative metrics as well.
  • Personalize your email
  • Don’t start from scratch instead of building an email with the recent information
  • Don’t use one big image or a bunch of small ones to avoid device visibility issues.
  • Don’t buy an email list from other brands because their audience or prospects might not be the right one for you.
  • Don’t ignore mobile visibility because around 60% of the B2C emails are opened from mobiles
  • Don’t send out emails without a pre-flight check
  1. Subject line
  2. Pre-header
  3. Header
  4. Main message
  5. Call-to-action
  6. Supporting message
  7. Footer

Public Relations

Facebook Ads




Thinking through fingers.

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Nikitha Sasi

Nikitha Sasi

Thinking through fingers.

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