The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment software

How well do you know about recruitment software?

Who doesn’t like when work is made easier?

It’s 2020 and tardy work has already been overruled. The crucial one among them is Recruitment. Why can’t recruitment be automated when everything else is?

The growth and death of a company mainly depend on its hires. What if you get the software to ease up the process of recruiting? Let’s dive in.

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software is nothing but a plain-sailing through every step of the hiring process for an organization by saving time and money at the same time. With recruitment software, you can compare, evaluate and streamline your hiring process even if you do not have a specific Hiring team. Isn’t that a weight off of our mind?

Recruitment software is an all-in-one solution for a better recruiting experience. It is a step-by-step process where you can find the sharpest pencil in the box. Moreover, it’s quicker, easier and cost-effective.

Automated Recruitment- Forefront of Innovation

An automated process, whether it be recruitment or homework, will definitely save you from 3 major things:

  • Spending countless hours doing the same thing
  • Over complication
  • Being a last-minute rookie

Why do you need to choose recruitment software over old-school recruitment?

It’s not easy to find the smartest cookie from a pool of talent.

Can you even imagine how many young talents are seeking the right job and the right company?

Recruitment software is obviously a leg up for you right now. Maintaining the amount of work you take up for each and every recruitment is not an easy task. Let’s take a glance at some advantages of getting recruitment software:

  • Seamless recruitment process
  • Ability to access the database from anywhere
  • Providing equal opportunity without being bias
  • Integrate a huge amount of data sources

The Business Benefits

Let’s take a look at the major business benefits:

  • Ease of work

Wouldn’t it be gratifying if the right candidate is one click away? Recruitment is made easier with recruitment software. Searching for the right candidate from a pile of CV’s can be daunting. Some recruitments can even take weeks and months if they are for niche roles. Suitable recruitment software can make your application tracking really efficient.

  • Growth in the turnover of the business

You need to select recruitment software with which you can filter and capture the queen bee.

As you can see, the involuntary turnover(which is terminating an employee due to his/her unsatisfactory performance) and the retirements has a drastic fall after the implementation of the Recruitment software. This rate fall increases the number of experienced candidates which directly or indirectly affects the turnover of the business.

  • The rise in the number of placements

The right software can make the screening, assessing, interviewing and onboarding look effortless which in turn increases the rate of recruitment. When the process is made easier, the number of placements will also rise which is beneficial for the business as well as the candidates.

The downside of old-school recruitment

Why is being up-to-date in the long run important? Check out the challenges you face in old-school recruitment.

  • The inability to cover the varying needs of businesses
  • Wasting a lot of time on paperwork and training
  • Difficulty in deciding the right fit for niche job roles from a bundle of data
  • Expensive process due to advertisements and frequent interviews
  • A messed up hiring process due to a poor hiring team
  • Avoid getting a clunky software

What does Recruitment software include?

  • ATS( Application tracking system)

Continuous tracking is inevitable to get the best CV from a large data source. Thousands of CV’s will be updated every now and then and it is necessary to keep track of them. Recruitment software with the ATS can sort a candidate list according to the filters that you apply.

  • Candidate database

Good recruitment software should be able to get the necessary details from the candidates without over-complication. You should get the software with which you’ll be able to retrieve the data easily.

  • Email Campaigns

Customize and provide email notifications to the candidates and the clients. This is one of the must-have features of recruitment software.

  • Vacancies

Get a system where you can filter and provide the requirements for the right vacancy. Make sure that you get the right person for the job role by providing the appropriate job description.

  • CV Parsing

Suitable recruitment software should be able to filter and evaluate the best CV by comparing the skills, education and experience. It would be easier if there is an option to rank the candidates from most qualified to the least.

  • Training

Get a system with which you can create a learning curve for a candidate with proper training. For some job role, the training process can take a long time.

How to get a system that’s optimal for you

Just iron out the level of recruitment. Get an idea about the business you have. A system can be classified as Entry-level, mid-level or experienced level.

Come up with a checklist according to your level of recruitment:

  • Setting up the right budget

A suitable budget has to be created for two major strategies: For purchasing the right software and for the time taken for the hiring process.

A proper budget for recruitment software depends on the requirement of your business. Before finalizing the amount that you are going to invest, do a quick check and compare the budget that has been set up for recruitment over the years. On top of that, it is necessary to check the available options as well.

Looking for free software or a paid version; it has to be belt-tightening. There are many hidden charges applied while purchasing suitable software. The billing patterns are different for different systems. Not realizing the charges beneath the table can cost you more on the annual expense.

  • Choosing a high-quality customizable software

The right template can definitely be more appealing. Provide or choose a template that would be appropriate for your business. Software that can be easily customized can cut short your time, money and effort.

  • Proper support and continuous tracking

A vendor from whom you are getting the software should be able to provide you with proper customer support. You will definitely need a helping hand while setting up your system. Quick help can be all that you need at the eleventh hour. A next-day follow-up by the support team can be an added advantage to the software you are purchasing.

Are you the newest fellow on the block?

Is it difficult to choose between multiple options? If you’re new to the market, Get a demo.

Before you shortlist or finalize the software, it’s better to get a demo if you are new to the market. Make sure that your software is able to manage the candidates and collaborate easily because that’s what you initially need.

What you need to do after a quick demo:

  • Don’t stop with a couple of software demos.
  • Take your own time and have a detailed study
  • Compare the software capabilities
  • Get the right team to evaluate

What if you’re experienced?

You need to really think about why you need new software and understand what your new requirements are. Make sure that you are on the right track.

The new functionality that you seek should have an effective impact on your business. Some of the reasons for getting new software can be:

  • The current system does not work the way you need and you are not happy with its features.
  • The downtime (the time when software does not work due to technical or other issues) of the software is more than you expected.
  • A sudden security breach and continuous bug alert.

Perfect Recruitment software should be able to align with your business requirements. Choosing the right software that suits your business is not a walk in the park. There are so many attributes to be looked over. There are pros and cons for each software that you need to analyze and evaluate. Get the software that does not give you headaches often. Also, have a plan B where you have one or more recruitment software as a fallback so that you do not have a sudden pitfall due to any technicalities. At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding your business requirements and finding the best recruitment software for your organization that can drive your business growth.

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